Nowadays, technology has developed and provided new ways in assisting human in all kinds of work in various sectors, both in the manufacturing, academic, banking, and other sectors. Considering the fact that the world has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of technology is increasingly needed. This causes rapid changes, fundamentally by ruffling the patterns of the old order in creating a new order.

The need for technology creates a target for innovation and creativity, so the need for technology is also growing. Creation of new ideas based on the use of technology is globally needed in this digital era. Many people who have creativity and innovation can’t find platform to exhibit them. 

Therefore, the call for paper activity at the TechnoArt 3 is open for everyone who has global innovation and creativity in the digital era to develop new ideas to face the challenge of today’s world. Thus, this call for paper is held with the theme “Extending Interactive Media in Disruptive and Creative Era”